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I was born at Williams AFB near Phoenix, AZ.  My mother and I lived in Florence, AZ near my father’s family while he was fighting the Korean War.  Because I was born into a military family that moved frequently, I am privileged to have been exposed to many different cultures and societies.  I enjoyed learning about each of the cultures I was exposed to, especially the arts and crafts of each.

When my father retired from the Army, we settled in Columbus, GA, a long way from my roots.  I acquired a Bachelor Of Science Degree in Accounting from Jacksonville State University.  I filled my spare time after work with quilting, sewing, crocheting, and sketching.

In 2008, my husband and I visited the Grand Canyon in my home state of Arizona.  While there I was privileged to watch a Zuni couple working on a needlepoint bracelet, that experience was the start of my metalworking passion.  When we returned to our Alabama home, I immediately started searching for school that taught the metal arts, with no luck.  I did find a gentleman in Helena, AL who was willing to teach me how to use a jeweler’s  saw, torch and the basics of soldering.  From there I, searched the web looking for tutorials on metal and jewelry making.  My first project was a sterling silver pendant with a large piece of turquoise and a lot of silver.  A butane torch accomplished the soldering.  I learned about the William Holland School of Lapidary Arts in Young Harris, GA from a lapidary artist at a craft show, I immediately enrolled in a beginning silver class and have taken many classes since then.   Aside from the training I have received from William Holland, I am mostly self-taught.  Don’t tell me it can’t be done; I will attempt to do it anyway.  And now that I am not tied to a “day job”, I have been able to expand on my passion and have started cutting and polishing my own stones.

I fabricate my designs from pure silver, sterling silver, copper and brass.  I use natural stones such as turquoise, chrysocolla, agates, jaspers and any other natural stone that catches my eye. Because I have always loved the jewelry of my native Southwest and Mexico, most of my designs follow the style of my Native American heritage, but I am constantly trying new styles.  Since my designs are one of a kind, no two are alike.  My inspirations come from my natural surroundings and from the stones themselves.


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